Dress for Safety

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Safety is always a wise choice

Fashion trends don’t dictate your woodworking attire, safety does The wrong type of clothes can cause accidents. I’ve had a lot to say about safety first, but here’s the short version. Be comfortable. but heed the following fashionable advice:

Your Eyes

Protect your eyes with goggles or safety glasses equipped with side shields when using woodworking power tools. Full-face shields give the utmost protection. For sanding operations. wear a dust mask that makes a tight seal around the nose and mouth.

Your Ears

Wear hearng protection such as muffs or ear plugs when tools are running.

Your Clothing

Roll long sleeves above the elbow or wear a short-sleeved shirt. Long hair should be tucked under a cap.

Your Accessories

Remove all jewelry, such as wristwatches bracelets or cumbersome rings. Do not wear ties or loose clothing that may catch in moving parts.

Your Shoes

Prevent slipping by wearing shoes with rubber soles.