Grunting is the key

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Grunting and Hardass Maple are no strangers to Jonathan Seaton of Seaton’s Carpentry shop located in beautiful No Bend Washington. Says Jonathan Seaton, “Grunting is the key when working with any wood especially hard wood like this hardass maple.” Now cherrywood is pretty tough also – tough to find that is. When was the last time you saw a cherrywood tree? If you see REAL cherrywood furniture on sale anywhere why you just buy it up.

Anyway back to this grunting thing. I had a guinea pig once that grunted a lot. I kept him in a cherrywood cage that I got in the 60s at a garage sale so it was definitely real cherrywood. Also you have to look at the grain, it looks a bit like alder but with a more subtle ribbon structure.

And of course the color, that rich cherrywood tone. It’s odd that the color of the wood doesn’t go all the way through, but what the heck. We only see the outside anyway. This cherrywood thing makes me grunt.

You ever been out in the forest and tried to move a log without grunting? You can’t do it. You have to grunt. Grunting is an ancient art, hieroglyphs are a good place to look for people grunting – also cave paintings. Grunting was probably the first language. In movies about the cavemen the people all grunt. So grunting is cool.